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Our Story

Reconnect with what matters most

We believe that the moments we take for ourselves or others should never feel compromised.Ā 

Whether youā€™re looking to get your Kamado grill lit up quickly to enjoy dinner with friends or planning to sit with family around the backyard fire pit, the RocketFire Torch will always get you there faster.Ā 

Finally, you can get back to what really matters most.

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Hi, I'm Michaelā€“Inventor & Founder of RocketFire

My friends and I struggled for years to find the perfect solution to light our grills with ease and I knew we couldnā€™t be the only ones- so I started researching the problem. I noticed that 60 million grills have been produced without fire starters, and while there are standalone fire starters out there that do the trick, none of them are fast or easy to use. This ultimately inspired me to create RocketFire.

ā€œIt currently took forever to light our kamado style grill. There were good ways, but not a great wayā€¦and so I designed over the last 6 years, a great way to start a fire.ā€

Kickstarter Fund Goal Chart

Fully crowd funded

We first launched RocketFire on Kickstarter back in 2019, but wound up canceling the campaign and redesigning the product to allow for flexible fuel options. After more rigorous testing we reintroduced the product on Kickstarter and became fully funded.

The RocketFire is unlike any other fire starter out there. Not only does it work exactly how itā€™s meant to, but we spent 6 years designing and testing it to ensure itā€™s the safest, easiest, and fastest fire starter out there.

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The RocketFireā„¢ Fire Torch
The RocketFireā„¢ Fire Torch
Sale price$145.00

Uncompromised quality

We believe that great products are those that are not only functionally designed, but are created with passion, care, and high quality materials.

Over the past 6 years, weā€™ve meticulously designed a product thatā€™s not only fast and versatile, but also resistant and reliable.Ā 

We stand behind our product so much so that we offer a one year warranty. Learn more more about our warranty or register your RocketFire below.