Frequently Asked Questions

The RocketFire has been through 6 years of development and safety testing and received a UL 147 standard safety certification in 2022.  It’s safe!

The RocketFire uses a patented tri-flame stainless steel tip to spread 2000°F torch-fire within the charcoal/wood pile. No other starter does this.

Light charcoal and wood without the need for lighter fluid, kindlings, or matches.

The RocketFire will perform well in cold weather as long as the fuel has been stored in a warm environment. If your propane is cold, performance will decrease significantly and may not ignite.

The RocketFire has been UL tested with propane and Map-pro gas.

Propane is more accessible and less expensive but Map-pro gas burns hotter and starts your fire quicker.

You can purchase propane and Map-pro gas at your local hardware store, Ace, Lowe’s, Home Depot And other department stores.

We have found that leaving a hole in the middle of the charcoal pile (the donut method) and sticking the tri-flame tip in that hole to light is the fastest method.

We have tested the RocketFire on Big Green Egg/Primo/Kamado Joe grills for 6 years with no issues.

The RocketFire must have oxygen to work properly. Please open up all vents to allow airflow when lighting your grill for best performance.  You can also lower the fuel flow for better results.

Absolutely. We have many customers that use the straight flame for this purpose. The RocketFire should only be used outside.

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