For the ultimate fire starter, order your RocketFire™ and enjoy the speed and ease of lighting charcoal and wood fires in seconds. With typical fire starters — paper, logs, starter squares, lighter fluid, etc. grilling can be a long and frustrating process. In fact, it can take logs, electric starters, and chimneys anywhere from 12-14 minutes to ignite and keep a steady fire going. Cut the time and work with a RocketFire™ Torch.

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Premium quality, superior solution, fast & reliable fire starting

RocketFire started with a successful "Kickstarter" Launch!

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Push the button and ignite the Rocket!

RocketFire portable propane torch roars to life in a burst of flame that quickly and evenly lights your charcoal grill or firepit. Place the tri-flame tip in the center of your charcoal or wood and allow the 60-degree flame spread to do all the work. In seconds, you’ve got a fire. Before you have time to grab the steaks and take your first swig of iced tea, you are ready to grill. The roar of the rocket is a great way to wake up a party and you’ll be the envy of the block.

fast & effective

Charcoal and wood ignite in seconds

When you need a fire fast, grab RocketFire propane torch. 2,000 degree heat, 25,000 BTUs and a tri-flame tip means you have a fire in seconds. No need to add lighter fluid or chemical soaked bits that could affect the taste of your food.No need to coax a fire to life by blowing on itor adding kindling. All you need is RocketFire. With 6 years of design and safety testing and quality stainless steel,aluminum and brass materials, you can be sure that RocketFire is a safe, fast and efficient way to light a fire.

Easily accessible and portable fuel options

RocketFire uses standard CGA600 propane cannisters that easily fit in your backpack or duffle bag. Don’t get caught camping without your quick light fire torch! If you want a bigger boost of power, RocketFire is also compatible with MAP/PRO gas canisters. Whichever you choose, you will get between 50-70 lights per canister. You can find both at major retailers like Wal-Mart, ACE Hardware, Lowes and other camping/outdoor specialty stores.

RocketFire™ is perfect for lighting up your…