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Kevin B. (NJ) - A Fire Breathing Dragon

Wow…Just Amazing!!! This is not your typical lawn and garden torch , it is Beefy!!...This thing is a fire breathing Dragon…This is coming with me to every BBQ and Campfire I go to…Awesome Job RocketFire!!!

Michael F. (CA) - Huge upgrade to the Looftlighter

The Rocketfire Torch is THE FASTEST way to get your BBQ or smoker lit. Hands down. This was a huge upgrade to the looft lighter I was using before. If you are concerned about fuel usage, you can either adapt to a larger source (IE 5lb, 11lb, 20lb) or learn to refill the smaller bottles yourself.

Lee B. (NC) - Lit up my Green Egg

I just received my RocketFire this morning just in time to do some ribs for my son who is visiting. Dang, that thing lit up my green egg! It blasts the heat and flame! Nice work, guys!!

Robert S. (CO) - It's Amazing!

IT CAME. My god. This is the sturdiest piece of equipment I've ever owned. It's amazing! Lit my charcoal in 30 seconds, and I didn't have to fudge with fire starters.

Patrick G. (IL) - This thing is AWESOME!

Holy Crapola! This thing is AWESOME! Even my wife was like OMG this is the real deal and not some cheapo product. THANK YOU!

Rick W. (CA) - Highly Recommend

Totally impressed with the build quality and overall performance of the torch. Highly recommend if u r looking for a kickass fire starter…

James K. (LA) - Well engineered

I love it!! Heavy SS and ready to get my propane hooked up to burn some stuff!! Came out very nice and looks great!
Love it. Well engineered.

Daniel M. (AL) - Fire roaring in my Big Green Egg

The product is well made and it WORKS. I can get a natural lump charcoal fire roaring in my Big Green Egg very easily now! Love it.

Kenneth J. (MA) - Recommend this to everyone

This is exactly as you guys said it would be. I would recommend this to everyone who camps or just a backyard fire no fuss no work just fire.

Jason P. (CA) - Will likely order another

Tried it out today in the wood burning oven. Got it going super fast!!! Thanks again. Will likely order another.

Andrew S. (IL) - Lights up every time

I've been using my RocketFire for 2-3 weeks now and it's been great. Lights up every time.

William O. (NC) - Great product!

Quick set up and now firing on all cylinders. Great product!

David N. (NJ) - Worth every cent!

Well made solid fantastic product that actually works and should last for years. After using my rocket fire, I got another as a gift. I had my fire pit blazing in short order rather than watching my logs smolder and struggle to start. It's a breeze firing up charcoal and the smoker now and the time saved helps. Couldn't be happier with rocket fire and how it performs and it's worth every cent!

Steve D. (OH) - Started my Big Green Egg in no time!

LOVE IT! Started my Big Green Egg in no time!

Craig S. (OH) - Excellent product

Excellent product. Can't wait to use it for years to come.

Matt S. (NC) - Will make you the envy of your friends

I could not wait to use my RocketFire Torch when it arrived. I attached a can of Map fuel and threw some wood into the solo stove. Even with the abnormally strong winds coming off the beach, this pocket sized jet engine had the wood burning in a few minutes. So much easier than starter logs or burning paper, etc. And despite blowing out all that heat, it did not take long for it to cool off so that i could store it back in the well formed packaging. Safe and sound...and ready for next time. With a RocketFire getting us started, making s'mores with the kids is now fun from start to finish. (Well, maybe not the cleanup...) Bonus points for a cool design that looks good and sounds even better. If Ferrari was responsible for the harmonics, they would have been pleased with the result. This bad boy will attract attention and make you the envy of your friends.

Jonathan L. (CA) - Very happy

Got mine today. Very happy with how easy it is to light my firewood in an outdoor pit.

Zac F. (CO) - Awesome!!

Awesome!! Bought a second one for a friend.

Sally W. (TX) - Love it!

Got mine and love it!

Steve R. (CA) - Rocket Fire kicks ash!!

Rocket Fire kicks ash!! This thing is amazing! Maybe a little high on the price point for some folks but I gotta say it's worth every penny spent. I make a circle of coals, set the tip in the middle and just like that my coals are going rather quickly!

Thananaun C. (MI) - Brilliant and sexy design

Brilliant and sexy design for a massive 3-flame torch. I have been using it to light up the backyard fire pit. Will be using it with our wood burning stove in the winter as well.

Les A. (TX) - Quality company

I'm in my 60's and have been lighting charcoal my whole adult life. I've used just about every method of lighting charcoal that there is and the RocketFire torch is by far the fastest way to get your grill ready to cook! The build quality and materials are outstanding! Having said that I did get one of the 11 units out of over 2000 that had issues, that's .55%! Manufacturing issues happen, the key to a premium product from a quality company is how they react to issues. I can tell you that Michael and Ray went above and beyond to take care of replacing the failed unit. I highly recommend the RocketFire torch and The team that's behind it!

Steve B. (AZ) - Easy to work and very well built!

This thing is awesome!!! Easy to work and very well built! What a great company too. There were manufacturing problems because of covid but I never felt like I was kept in the dark. Great counter service!! My neighbors are jealous and want to order one now too.


I TOTALLY LOVE THIS THING!!!! Wow, I was hoping it would work OK, but you guys blew it out of the water!! I brought it over to my family Saturday bbq and boy was it a big hit. Well designed, well made and man does it start a fire!